RF Online The Uprising 55 Cap Server

A New Adventure Awaits You!

The Leading Level 55 Cap RF Online Age of Patron Server in 2022

A Community That Keeps on Innovating

RF Online the Uprising have been a spearheading the creation of a sustainable RF Online community since 2020. One year into development and we are creating more new ways for player to have more fun and bring in more new players into our ecosystem. This time we are releasing a dedicated server featuring a level 55 Cap for players to enjoy a more challenging experience.

Join our community now and experience the best RF Online experience and more events coming this year 2022!

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Which Faction Will You Choose?

RF Online features three races to choose from and battle for dominion. Choose wisely and fight for your race!

Bellato Federation

Originally created in a high gravity world to serve as ultra-smart super soldiers, the Bellato are shorter than an average human but are incredibly strong. Extremely cunning and innovative, they combine technology with a form of universal magic called Force. At one time dominating the galaxy, the Imperialist Bellato Union was defeated and humbled during the planets’ first race war. They have regrouped under the Bellato Federation and are preparing for a return to glory.

Holy Alliance of Cora

Descended from the survivors of a psychic weapons program, The Cora are a deeply religious race gifted with natural magical abilities. Though the history of Cora has been built on religious wars, they are strongly unified through their core spiritual beliefs and magical arts. Corites regard themselves as the highest form of creation. They devote their lives in serving their god, DECEM, whom they believe has given them the mission as well as the means to show the universe that spirituality and faith are superior to technology.

Accretian Empire

Evolved from humans fleeing alien DNA corrupting bio-weapons, the Accretia have forsaken flesh in the pursuit of perfection. The Accretian Empire constantly hungers for resources: The more resources at it’s disposal, the better life is for all Accretians. Using superior technology to dominate anything that comes in their path, they are now the strongest and most formidable race in the galaxy. Their need for resources to fuel their ever growing empire is what compels them to bring their rule to the farthest reaches of the universe.

V2 Now Is Now Live!

RF Online The Uprising 55 Version 2 is now live and ready to play! Enjoy major updates to the game: New maps, items, quests and more. Existing players can simply login to their account and see their characters intact. Checkout updated content below: